Thursday, April 21, 2016

Day 21 ~Poem in your pocket day #pocketpoem for #NationalPoetryMonth “30 Poems in 30 Days”

OK, so this is kind of a special day - this YEAR, 2016, celebrates TWENTY years of  "National Poetry month" ~ #NationalPoetryMonth ~ pretty cool, right? 
And since 2002 there has been a day designated as “Poem in Your Pocket Day” ~ weird thing is, it never seems to fall on the same day in April, no idea why. 

But this year, it is TODAY, April 21, 2016 ~ so let’s celebrate by choosing a poem and carrying it with you today and sharing it with others any way you wish. One of the easiest ways is via social media using this hash-tag: #pocketpoem. 

So, I think you should pick one of your own original poems, but either way – find a poem you like and carry it around.

As far as CREATING a new poem today ~ let’s just make it YOUR choice: use a past poetry form or here’s a chance to try your hand at some “free verse” poetry – just write what you feel, in whatever format seems right to you. Kind of nice, right?

So, that’s pretty much it for today – Enjoy!!!!

Here’s a link from the “National Poetry Month” website all about “Poem in Your Pocket Day

It even has a downloadable Poem in Your Pocket Day PDF where you can get ideas for celebrating or suggested poems to carry in your pocket today (I kind of hope you will carry one of your own original ones).

Got these cute little Pocket Poem Logos from the following blog - you may enjoy checking it out, especially if you are a teacher:



Vicki said...

I have to preface this. I have a blog called Life in the Library, that until today, I hadn't really considered what that meant. Because of a friend's blog, I found an image I want to use on my blog of a circus. I haven't quite figured out how to use it yet, but it still made me consider writing a poem today on what that means to me.

Life in the Library

Working in a library is sometimes
Like being in the Circus
There's clowns who make you laugh
And wild animals who make you cringe
Then there's a high wire act
When a child screams unendingly
But the most beautiful part is
Like a knife thrower when
A child suddenly gets how wonderful
It is to be able to read!

Heidi L. Murphy said...

Again I chose pictures. So head for a tiny jaunt to my blog at:
I hope you like them.