Monday, June 1, 2015

Do You Love Your Car Enough to Write it a Love Letter?

So, I'm taking a college writing class this semester and one of the assignments was to write a love letter to an intimate object. Now there's a thought-provoking idea. WHAT do you love enough to presume to tell it so? I considered the matter and then wrote the following letter -- to my car:

 Love Letter to My Shinny Blue Toyota Camry

Dear Toyota Camry,

I was thinking about you the other day and how you have always been there for me. I realized that I’ve never told you how grateful I am. You’re the best, you know that? You make my life so much better.

Sweet Camry, you transport me safely from one place to another. You even cool the car down on hot Arizona days. I love that. All I have to do is push a little button on my key fob and you unlock the door for me. You’re so thoughtful. You offer me a variety of my favorite music at the touch of a button, and you even do so in stereo. You seem to have enjoyed the books on CD, LDS Conference talks and all my Christmas CDs. Remember when I listened to all five of the Fablehaven books by Brandon Mull on my way to and from work? You were so patient.

Fablehaven Series
I’m not sure if you know how much I appreciate what a confidante you are. You have endured my private rants, listened to me sing off key, and witnessed many of my most sincere prayers. Of course, I have to keep my eyes open, but while I’m alone in the car, without other distractions, I can go over quite a bit with my Father in Heaven.

We have made beautiful memories together. Some of my best grandparenting moments have been shared with you. Our grandchildren are so much fun, and you have transported them on numerous occasions, even to far away destinations. Remember the road trip you and I took with Jim and two teenage granddaughters in July of 2013? We went to Sigurd, Utah for the Dastrup Family Reunion. We played all kinds of word games and laughed a bunch. The girls got to see a silly side of grandma and grandpa they might have missed. Remember when Rebekah asked, “When is the next reunion?” That was a great trip. We made precious memories. You took us there in comfort and safety. Thank-you, sweet Camry, for being a part of our lives.
 Oh my goodness, last summer we had that blow-out on the way to Nevada. You helped Jim safely guide us to the side of the road where we took out the spare tire, for the very first time. It had been there for years. Yet, by some miracle, you had preserved it, and we made it safely back to Kingman where we ended up replacing all four tires. I’m sorry if I neglected you.  You have certainly been mindful of us. The tire guy was shocked that the spare tire was in such great condition. He called it a miracle. Your support gave us a happy ending.
Yes, I really do love you, sweet Camry. I love your shiny blue color (and how well you have retained it). I love your ease of handling and your safety features. I love that you seem to enjoy being part of our family. You’ve taken me to nearly every important place I have needed or wanted to go during our years together. Whether it was to church, the temple, to the grocery store, to visit family, or to go to the movies, you have been there.

You are one of a kind. In writing you this little love letter, I have come to appreciate your service to me and my family even more. You are a marvel; a cute, smooth driving, shiny blue marvel. You hold a special place in my life and in my heart. I’m really grateful. I think I’m going to treat you even better from now on. We can look forward to a future that holds more road trips, more giggles, and perhaps a few tears, but definitely more memories . . . together.

Thanks for all you have done for me. I love you.