Friday, July 26, 2013

What is a meme? Thought I knew, but then ... maybe not.

You probably see them everywhere ~ MEMES ~ but what, exactly, are they?

I did a Google search for the word "meme" and got lots of different answers. According to "Media Mom" ~ "There are all kinds of techie and academic definitions of the term “meme”, but most of them don’t get it quite right. Or they get it right, but in such dry, scholarly language that you’d never know they’re talking about Grumpy Cat or Fist Pump Baby (also known as “Success Kid”). Regardless of what the official definitions may be, when most people are talking about internet memes, they’re talking about pictures that various people add funny captions to and then share with everyone they know. Most often, on Facebook."

So, until I read this, I thought I had come up with a meme. Apparently not. What I created was more of a "Quotable Quote." Either way, here it is. Guess you can tell I'm pretty pleased with myself. I've watched my grandkids create all kinds of things with the "Paint" feature on my computer but today was the first time I have tried my hand at it. I drew this little yellow daisy and then typed in a phrase I came up with years ago. I really struggle with A.D.D. so getting new habits up and running is quite the challenge for me. Hence, my quote, "Few things are as fragile as a new habit in its infancy."

Hope others enjoy it. That's all for today. See you ... sometime. (I'm kind of lacking in the HABIT of blogging regularly).