Thursday, May 1, 2014

MAY DAY ~ May 1st ~ MORE POETRY? Why not?

So for those of you who followed along during the month of April – whether you posted your poems here or somewhere else or just kept them to yourself, I’m glad you joined us. It was so much fun I kind of hate to see it end. 

So, for MAY DAY, May 1st, I thought I would share a few links were you can go and find some of your own info on poetry and keep exploring other forms of poetry and revisit the poems we wrote during the month and create some new ones!!

Here’s a couple for you to try out that we didn’t get to:

Sonnets – VERY explicit and detailed instructions on how to write a sonnet – after you read it – you will be an expert and be surprised that, YES, you can write one too!!

Personification – A figure of speech where inanimate objects and/or animals are given human characteristics and attributes.

You can get GREAT ideas at “My Word Wizard” ~ dedicated to helping you find the right assortment of words to express any sentiment

Great site for how to ideas on poems – aimed at kids – but anyone can learn from it:

Another helpful site – regardless your age:

At any rate – I’m glad you’ve been showing up at my blog and I hope you’ll check back in now and then and see what I’m up to. As a writer and retired teacher (and a mother and grandmother) I tend to have a keen interest in education, writing and family life, but you never know what I might post on don’t be a stranger. Cheers!!