Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Day 17 - Haiku & Poiku poetic forms

FOR DAY 17: OK, it's after midnight but I am BEAT - so I'm going to write and post Wednesday's challenge a bit later on today -

HOWEVER, it IS "International Haiku Day" so feel free to write some Haikus which I was going to feature and ADD a bit on how to write a "Pop Haiku" otherwise known as a "Poiku" ~ if you need to get started earlier than when I get the post up, y'all should know how to write a Haiku (3 lines with a syllable count of 5, 7, 5). And if you want to try a POIKU - use the link below

Head on over and get started if you want and I'll join you later with an actual blog post about both Haiku AND Poiku poetic forms. Talk to you later ~

Poiku: Create A Pop Haiku

Image credit: digital creation by "Candice Candice" at Pixabay


Connie Cockrell said...

That was interesting. I tried the Poiku.

Askin’ for respect
I give you all my money
Just a little bit
From Aretha Franklin’s R E S P E C T

Louie said...

North or South

Where to live? Pros. Cons.
Which is more the deal breaker?
Scorpions or snow?

~ L.J. Boothe

GoofyJ said...

I did a traditional haiku - I played catch up so it came at the end of several poems and I was out of brain power :D

Stephanie Abney said...

I'm impressed! These rea great poems. Nicely done!