Tuesday, April 24, 2018

DAY 24 ~ “What if . . . I might” Poem for “30 Poems in 30 Days" #NationalPoetryMonth

This is basically a “finish the sentence” type of poetry form.

This is a poem that will get you thinking of many possibilities; some thoughtful, others silly, some adventurous, or even fanciful, some surprisingly profound. Let your imagination go or reach deep into your heart. 


Fill in the blanks any way you want – changing the words you can create dozens of poems.

Line #1:  What if ____________________________
Line #2:  I might ____________________________

(leave a space between lines 2 & 3)
Line #3:  What if ____________________________
Line #4:  I could _____________________________

(leave a space between lines 4 & 5)

Line #5:  What if ____________________________
Line #6:  I would_____________________________

(leave a space between lines 6 & 7)
Line #7:  Ask a question.

Have fun!!

HERE ARE MY EXAMPLES – (from a few years ago)
At first, I was planning to write new ones for this year, but, as I sometimes do, I am running late and these examples give you a good enough idea. I’m anxious to see what you come up with though!! Cheers!!

The first one is silly: 

What if I danced in the rain?
I might get a little bit wet.
What if I sang at the top of my lungs?
I could land a singing contract, I bet.

What if I went back inside and sat down?
I would never know what I might do.

I wonder, would you be so bold, if it were you?

                                      © 2011 Stephanie Abney

This one is more serious:

What if I listened very carefully to the spirit?
I might be surprised at what I hear.

What if the Lord has plans I'm not ready for?
I could try to pretend I didn't hear them.

What if I listened and obeyed?
I would be more use to His children.

Do you think I'm that strong?
                               © 2011 Stephanie Abney


Vicki said...

Day 24-Whar if.....I might Poems

What if I lived to be one hundred years old?

I might actually see a flying car made of gold

What if people only showed love to others?

I could live in peace with my brothers

What if unicorns were real?

I would believe in Magic with zeal.

Heidi Murphy said...

Mine is here, I think. It might give you some trouble since it might be the link for the preview. If so, I'll fix it tomorrow.

Okay. As soon as I posted it, I could see it would be trouble. Tomorrow after 5 am I can go back in.