Friday, April 27, 2018

Day 27 ~ “Terse Verse” for “30 Poems in 30 Days” #NationalPoetryMonth

Last year I introduced “Terse Verse” for the first time. Everyone had SO much fun with it that I think we should do it again!! It will put a smile on your face!! It takes a bit of figuring things out at first, but once you get the hang of it – it’s hard to stop creating them!!

Let’s have some fun!! A “Terse Verse” is usually funny. It’s actually a riddle with a two-word rhyming answer; basically a synonym . . . The tricky part is that the two words in the answer must also have the same number of syllables.

Here are a few examples from the web:

What do you call a rabbit’s seat?
TERSE VERSE (answer): “Hare’s Chair.”

What do you call a quizzing friend?
“Study Buddy”

What makes a dark room bright?
“Night Light”

What do you call a pig in an earthquake?
“Shaken Bacon”

I think the "Rhyme Zone" tool will come in handy for this – it might be easier to approach this poetry form backward by finding a double rhyming two-word phrase with equal syllables and then create a question or riddle for it.

Here’s the Rhyme Zone tool link:

Crazy, right? Here are a few I came up with:

What do you call a miserable cat?

“Crabby Tabby”

What do you call a cucumber that can’t make up its mind?

“Fickle Pickle”

What do you call an angry garbanzo?

“Mean Bean”

What do you call polite frozen water?

“Nice Ice”

What do you call a joke-telling rabbit?

“Funny Bunny”

Please remember any poetry found on this blog, written by me, is my personal property and may not be used without my permission. The same goes for any poems that are shared in the comments section of this blog. They are the property of the person who shares them. These poems are their original work and no one may use them in any form without their express permission. It is understood that they own the copyright to it. Thanks!! 

And if you choose to post your poems on your own blog – that’s awesome. But please don’t just copy and paste my daily instructions, but rather post your poem and LINK BACK TO THIS BLOG POST for others to read the instructions. Thanks for respecting my work.


Vicki said...

Day 27-Terse Verse

What do you call a bee that can’t fly straight?
Tumblin’ Bumblin’

What do you call a quick hardening splint?
Fast Cast

What do you call a short tempered tote?
Terse Purse

What do you call a donut on social media?
Twitter Fritter

Heidi Murphy said...

Okay. Here are mine:

Connie Cockrell said...

What do you call a dog that writes?
Blog Dog

What do you call a cat that’s sprawled across the floor?
Flat Cat

What do you call a firefighting mouse?
Douse Mouse