Wednesday, April 23, 2014

DAY TWENTY-THREE!! "Clerihew Poem" for 30 Poems in 30 Days" #NationalPoetryMonth

DAY TWENTY-THREE – Clerihew Poem

BTW, you may want to look up “Poem in Your Pocket Day” – because, it’s TOMORROW, April 24th – this is an annual event – CARRY a POEM IN YOUR POCKET THAT DAY – I’ll post on it tomorrow but thought you might want to research it a bit on your own today so you’ll be ready!!

Okay, so WHAT are clerihew poems? FUNNY POEMS ABOUT PEOPLE YOU KNOW!! (Or not! You can write a clerihew poem about anyone ~
But they ARE funny FOUR-LINE poems about SPECIFIC people ~

Here’s what you do:

There is a little bit of rhyming at the END* going on BUT you don’t have to 
worry about counting beats, words or syllables – no set rhythm at all this time.

FOUR lines:
The FIRST line NAMES the person
* AND the endings of lines 1 and 2 need to rhyme with each other.
Then tell something fun about them and make the last line funny
* AND the endings of lines 3 and 4 need to rhyme with each other. 

Remember, a clerihew poem should be funny.

My sweet, good husband works hard and plays hard and then crashes on the
couch – we have DOZENS of photos of him asleep. I wrote this clerihew poem a 
few years ago, but I still love it and so I’ll share it as my example.

                          They say Jim Abney is one of the good ol’ boys,
                          To make him happy, just share your toys.
                          He likes to wrestle, laugh and leap,
                          But by afternoon, he falls asleep! 
                                                  © 2011 Stephanie Abney

 Enjoy! YOUR TURN!!


Tanya Parker Mills said...

I've known Liz Adair's formidable stare,
In a restaurant once she gave quite the glare,
But one creature exists on on which she'll ne'er frown,
It's that ornery old mule that took her right down!

(Those of you who know the story should be laughing...the rest of you should ask her about it sometime. :D)

Heidi L. Murphy said...

I wrote today's poem last night. It's almost a Clerihew poem in that it's about a person and it's funny and there's rhyming at the ends. Unfortunately it's not AABB but ABCB. Go see anyway. So I'll do a Clerihew one here:

JR is a grumpy child
At times she is a little wild
But as a baby she could be
An angel most undoubtedly.

She was a golden angel girl
With eyes of blue and blondy curl
But dealing with her took some luck
If crossed she'd whack you with a truck.

And if ever spiders showed
She'd toddle up, baby gait bowed
And with her teensy little foot
She'd stomp that spider into soot.

Vicki said...

Justin and Shadea said they were done,
But the rabbit is dead and sadly gone,
We'll have our ninth little new one
Sometime in the fall, oh, what fun!!