Sunday, April 6, 2014

DAY SIX!! “Acrostic Poem” for “30 Poems in 30 Days”

This is a common poetry form. School children use it all the time. 

ACROSTIC poem - you may already be quite familiar with them. You just write a word (place, event, feeling, person, month, whatever) down the left side of your paper and each line starts with that first letter. And you just go letter by letter creating line by line as you describe the thing (or person) that you wrote down the left hand side like:

A _________________________________
P _________________________________
R _________________________________
I __________________________________
L __________________________________

Just start each line with those letters to write an acrostic poem about April ~ or whatever 

Here are a couple of acrostic poems about the month of April that I wrote a few years ago; one has only one word per line and the other has several words. Begin each line with a word or phrase that starts with the letter on that line.

   © 2011 Stephanie Abney 

A son of God
Perfect in every way
Reaches out to
Individuals because he
Loves us so
  © 2011 Stephanie Abney 

YOUR TURN!! You certainly don’t need to use April – just an example – use any word or the name of a person that you wish! Enjoy!!
Happy Sabbath!


Jewelianna said...

Running through the halls
And pulling clothes out of the drawers
Marking up the walls
Bumping, jumping, giggles, roars
Underneath the table
Now he's built a blanket fort
Counting minutes 'til I'm able
To take a break from all the sport
Innocent, mischievous smiles
Overflow my heart with joy
Uplifts me in all my trials
Sweet and silly toddler boy

Stacy said...

Till my last breath, I hope
Each word I speak
Shares my knowledge
That Christ
Is my Savior. He is
My one and
Only way back to Father.
No one can sway me otherwise
Yet I continue to have need to repent.

Two girlfriends suffered great loss this week as one lost her premature 1.5lb baby after living a short two weeks. Another who has struggled with her pregnancy lost her baby at 18 weeks and is going to deliver tonight. The words of Elder Uchtdorf brought peace to me as I remembered that this is but a pause, not an ending and that families are eternal.

Such resistant to endings but why?
Our grief is but an interruption,
Really just a temporary pause.
Remember our blessings are eternal and
One day they will seem small.
Wait and be faithful for our eternal joy.

Tanya Parker Mills said...

Heaven touches earth
Overwhelming my spirit
Lapping peacefully on the shores of my soul
Yahweh is in His house

Stephanie Abney said...

GREAT poems, ladies ~ Thanks for participating and for sharing!!

Vicki said...

Early morning
A new beginning
Spring returns
To remind us of
Every soul's