Tuesday, April 29, 2014

DAY TWENTY-NINE!! "Hyperbole Poem" for 30 Poems in 30 Days" #NationalPoetryMonth

I really, really, really love the word “hyperbole.” I just like the way it sounds. And when used in poetry, it can be the cause of more fun than a life-long pass to Disneyland. (THAT was a hyperbole, by the way). 

Hyperbole Poems are written in overstated, figurative language. They are full of very large exaggerations, often used for emphasis. A hyperbole is a figure of speech and a type of irony that uses extreme exaggeration for emphasis or to make a point. [Irony: the use of words to express something other than and especially the opposite of the literal meaning]. Such statements are exaggerations, but are not metaphors.

Obviously, such statements are not intended to be taken literally: “I’ve been waiting for an eternity for you to get here.”

Another case in point: “Hyperbole is the greatest thing in the history of the entire world!!!” 

“I’ve told you a million times to …”

“She has a bazillion books.”

“I’m so hungry I could eat a horse.”

The 18th century poet, Robert Burns, used hyperbole in his poem, “A Red, Red Rose.” In the poem he exaggerates about the degree of love he feels for his beloved. He says that he’ll love his “bonnie lass” until the seas go dry, the sun melts rocks, and the sands of life come to an end.

Here’s a great example in an excerpt (1st verse) of a hyperbole poem, “I Ate a Spicy Pepper” by Kenn Nesbitt – who has an excellent site for teaching poetry to kids (or anyone else, for that matter). 

I ate a spicy pepper
From my brother on a dare.
The pepper caught my head on fire
And burned off all my hair.

It goes on with more examples of hyperbole – such as 

My mouth erupted lava
And my tongue began to melt.
My ears were shooting jets of steam.
Well, you get the idea ~ there really are no special rules as to rhyme or rhythm with a hyperbole poem. You are the ruler of the world … of your poem, that is. (Threw in a little hyperbole for ya’).

So, what’s on your mind? Have fun with it!! S-T-R-E-T-C-H the truth and write a poem!!

Here’s a crazy little 4-line example from me. What do the rest of you out there have to offer?

The little girl said she had a dog as big as a cow.
I thought that was odd and I asked her how.
She said the dog ate as much as a horse.
Well, I thought, that explains things, of course.



Tanya Parker Mills said...

The cat in my office is shedding great buckets,
His fur is concealing my Indian carpet,
When I walk to my bookcase I'm wading knee-deep
Through piles upon piles of New Zealand sheep!

Heidi L. Murphy said...

I did mine about Buttons. Check out at www.murph4slaw.blogspot.com
Thanks for a fun month, Stephanie. I loved reading your poems and the info about the different poetry forms. You worked hard on this. I'm giving you a round of applause...:o)

Vicki said...

When you first look in your baby's eyes
You'll never be the same
Your life will be a roller coaster
Nothing will ever be tame.

They capture your heart forever more
And wrap you with their finger
You'll never ever be free again
You'll always want to linger.

Stacy said...

I ran 400 miles as fast as a car
I jumped so high I touched the sky.
I did 6000 lunges and 4000 sit ups.
Then I laid down and got ready to die.

We went to the dentist and sat for ten hours.
They said he had such rotten teeth.
So they polished and cleaned and filled all the cavities.
Then charged me a billion dollars,good grief!