Monday, April 21, 2014

DAY TWENTY-ONE!! "Onomatopoeia Poem" for "30 Poems in 30 Days" #NationalPoetryMonth

Day Twenty-one!! Onomatopoeia Poems

Let’s have some fun today. My students LOVED it when we created “Onomatopoeia poems.”

I’m a word nerd – I just LOVE words; the sounds, the meanings, the etymology of words and more. I really love words that seem to roll off your tongue, so to speak (pun intended).

Here’s a favorite word that I think ROLLS off the tongue: “ONOMATOPOEIA” ~ Doesn’t that just sound cool? It also DEALS with words that SOUND like sounds by imitating that sound. (Yeah, I really did just say “sound” three times in that sentence – hard to replace it).

Or, in other words, the naming of a thing or action by the vocal imitation of the sound associated with it.

Some examples: cuckoo, hiss, meow, crunch, boom, creak, bam, moo, fizz, quack, swish, buzz, patter, splatter, pop, thud, whimper, etc.

Nursery rhymes frequently use onomatopoeia words.

You may already have some great ideas for your onomatopoeia poem. If not, peruse this list (link below) of onomatopoeia words and see if some jump out at you and start creating!! Have fun.

The ONLY requirement for this poetry form is that you load up your poem with onomatopoeia words – (well, you really don’t even have to “load up” on onomatopoeia words, JUST INCLUDE THEM), no limits or guidelines as to how many lines, syllables or whether or not it rhymes. That part is all up to you. Enjoy!!!!

List of onomatopoeia words: Onomatopoeia Word List ~ just click on any letter for a list of words starting with that letter.

You’ll want to check out this great link ~ Funny Poems for Free - Onomatopoeia

In fact, if you have been enjoying our poetry challenge and/or if you are a teacher, you will find the entire site at “funny poems for free” to be most useful: Funny Poems for Free - Home page

Go ahead and get started ~ I’ll post this for now. But after I write my own onomatopoeia poem – I’ll come back and amend this and post it. Cheers!!


Tanya Parker Mills said...

The shower nozzle creaks as I flip it
And water sprays in ratatat streams,
Splattering my toes.

I slip into the warm sprinkling . . .

Heidi L. Murphy said...

Done with mine...:o) Come see!

This one was a little harder to do. I had to keep thinking about old Batman shows while I wrote it.

Anonymous said...

The storm waits at bay for the right time to come, like a broken beating heart its song will be sung

Dark dangerous clouds threaten to cover thee earth like the rage in one's heart that was never ever heard

Thunder roars and crackles with each deadly strike with tears of sorrow flowing and aching cries throughout the night

The storm is calming, settling leaving everything upturned, like one's broken heart that has been left brutally torn.

~Amy Prutsman

Vicki said...

Giggle, Gnash, Gnaw
Snarle, splish,splash
Moo, Meow, mumble
The are the sounds as our old car rumbled
Down the old bumpy highway, when I was a child.
We called her Bunky Junky as we tumbled
Down mile after mile after mile!

Stephanie Abney said...

Nicely done, ladies!! Thanks for joining in, Amy. Hope you all continue throughout the month. Cheers!!