Wednesday, April 30, 2014

DAY THIRTY!! "Questad Poem" for 30 Poems in 30 Days" #NationalPoetryMonth

Well, my poetic friends, looks like we have come to the end of "National Poetry Month." Kind of feels sad, doesn't it? I hope you have had fun and will continue to write poetry – do some searches for various types of poems. The list is endless (a little hyperbole for ya’).

I thought for the last day (although I may be on a roll and continue to do poetry posts for a while (although NOT every day – phew!!) ~ Anyway, the Questad Poem is a poem that brings it all together – many of the things we have learned or practiced this month are contained in this unique and somewhat uncommon poetry form. I have included a chart with details created by Carolyn Osborne, a teacher.

Have fun – my poem for this form is just below the chart. ENJOY!!



Your Draft
Title—topic of poem
By Eric Harker

They seem to sing when you rev up the engine

The sound is sweeter than honey

Purring proudly like a pack of panthers


It is a shiny dream in the eyes of a child,

Speeding like the space shuttle

Gleaming with silvery metallic paint along a black road of fragrant tar.

NO idea why that one title header - example - is purple - go figure.

Anyway, I got the above chart from: Poetry Alternatives (and if you go there – it will pull up a 22 page doc that has lots of poetry forms and instructions) – for your continued poetry writing pleasure.

The doc says this chart was adapted from: Skyview High School - Poem Types
Heartsongs made visible,
Rising from the depths of my soul,
Pretty, poised parcels of perfection, 
Pitter-patter through my mind.
Poems are microscopic slides of slices of my life,
Dancing through my days like a prima ballerina,
Revealing my authentic self; raw, vulnerable and honest. 

              © 2014 Stephanie Abney

It's been a GREAT month - thanks for participating!!


Vicki said...

A member of our family
There must be a million different breeds
One likes to sit under my feet like a footrest
They will listen to your problems no matter what
Another chases her tail like a spinning top
They all happily welcome me home each day with tails madly wagging!

Stacy said...

Our Family Calendar
It grows events the way I grow weeds.
37 places to be on Thursday?
Rapidly running a reluctant race to retirement.
A bump in the road.
Like hitting a brick wall.
The pages of my new book call to me and I must answer.

Tanya Parker Mills said...

It wraps its fingers around her skull
Shooting thousands of intrusive thoughts inside,
Circling, cycling so subliminally until
It's a barred cage around her soul,
Squeezing life a fist held tight
Until the morn when sunlight fills her eyes again.

Heidi L. Murphy said...


Kind Blue tries to blend into the blue-shot beyond.

Red is hotter than ruby blood, pump, pump, pumping through the universe' veins.

Green breathes silvery sylvan song into my ears, tickling.

Yellow, like bee-striped buzzing, tracking like sunflowers their deity across the golden sky.

Purple is a royal cloak, spread velvety over the jewel-studded hills.

Orange, like the blazing noon-day sun, sears truth into the eyes and mind.

But ah, Indigo! Indigo is mysterious, magical music dancing and skipping from star to star, its toes tipped in inky frost flowers. Indigo is the night sky just before the moon dips down into its daylight stall. Indigo sings through my mind and being, filling me with sparkling laughter.

© 2014 by H. Linn Murphy

Stephanie Abney said...

As always, great poems. Thanks for participating this month. I hope you have enjoyed it. Cheers!!!