Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DAY SIXTEEN!! "If I Were" & "If You Were" Poems for "30 Poems in 30 Days" #NationalPoetryMonth

These two poems pretty much go "hand-in-hand" so I'm going to tell you about both of them today - try one of each if you can, maybe more because they can be silly and lots of fun, or very deep and heartfelt - all depends on the words YOU choose!!

These fun little poems are actually a quatrain (4 lines) in which the last sound of lines 2 and 4 rhyme. It also has two metaphors (remember, a “metaphor” is a figure of speech in which a term or phrase is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable in order to draw a comparison). It is not the same as a simile. A simile uses the word like or as in order to make a comparison, whereas metaphors use is or are. So if you say “If I were” or “If you were” and named the thing (noun), it is a metaphor.

A simile: Your hair is like golden flax.

A metaphor: Your hair is golden flax.

So, there’s a little grammar lesson for ya’ – sorry, it’s the teacher in me. OK, back to the instructions: one metaphor is for the “I” part of the poem and the other metaphor is for the “you” part of the poem.

Here are some instructions taken from Charles Ghinga’s site (with his permission – I suggest you GO TO HIS SITE for more details and other fun stuff pertaining to poetry:

Instructions: Think of a person you like. Compare that person to some thing (inanimate object). Now compare yourself to some thing associated with the first object.

Giggle poetry class for kids by Charles Ghinga ~ Great site on fun poetry, for all ages, especially for kids from Charles Ghigna
He also writes poetry for grown ups at "Bald Ego"
And if you aren't familiar with Charles Ghigna - you should be. His nickname is "Father Goose" because he is such a fabulous and prolific children's poet. He is the author of more than a 100 books and has written over 5,000 poems. Yeah, he knows his stuff. So, spend a little time on his Giggle Poetry site to learn about this poetry form.

Have fun with these and remember to USE METAPHORS correctly, please. (See above). Enjoy!!


If you were a candle
And I were a match,
I’d light your wick brightly
And some shadows we’d catch.
               © 2001 Stephanie Abney

If I were a shoe
And you were a lace,
We’d always be 
In the perfect embrace.
  © 2014 Stephanie Abney & her granddaughter, Miriam Temp 
(written when they were both rather sleep deprived, but you get the idea)! Cheers!!



Tanya Parker Mills said...

I hope I did these right.

If you were a modem
And I were a mouse,
I'd click all around
Your sweet Apple house.

If I were a window
And you were sunlight,
Each morning I'd kiss you
And make the room bright.

Vicki said...

If I were a train
and you were a track
You'd keep me in line
With nary a crack

If you were a jailer
and I was an inmate
You'd unlock the prison
and let me escape

Anonymous said...

If I was a car
And you were a sign
I still wouldn't listen
I'd take the fine