Monday, April 7, 2014

DAY SEVEN!! “Cinquain Poem" - PATTERN TWO" for “30 Poems in 30 Days”

Two days ago we did Cinquain Poem ~ I mentioned there is more than one style of cinquain poem – so we’ll call this “Pattern Two.” (Pattern One was all about the number of syllables per line - Pattern Two is all about the NUMBER OF WORDS per line, regardless of how many syllables each line has).

Cinq is French for FIVE ~ this poem has five lines that follow a specific pattern.

Don't give this short five-lined poem a title; rather, the FIRST line (one word) becomes the title.

It does not rhyme (unless your ending words just happen to rhyme but don't TRY to make it rhyme). In this version you count the number of words per line and each line has specific requirements:

1st line ~ one word – the subject (or title) or your poem
2nd line ~ two words that describe the title/subject
3rd line ~ three words that express action
4th line ~ four words that express a thought or feeling
5th line ~ one word synonym for title (restates your subject using a different word)

Here's my efforts; one I wrote this morning and two from three years ago: 

Little girl
Hugs her grandma
Tight as she can
                                                 © 2014 Stephanie Abney
Helping others
Let’s work together
Bearing one another’s burdens
                                                 © 2011 Stephanie Abney

Eternal Reward
Must get there
Loved ones are waiting
                                                 © 2011 Stephanie Abney
Okay, YOUR TURN!! Remember, it's all about the NUMBER of WORDS, not syllables. Go!


Diane Jortner said...

Stephanie, I love your poems. The last one is perfect. I wrote a poem for my A to Z Challenge today. It was very quick but it honors our writing group! Check it out at:

Tanya Parker Mills said...

Sweet relief
I step inside
To what is normal

Jewelianna said...

Nocturnal wakefulness
Wasting restful hours
Frustrated when daylight breaks

Vicki said...

Double trouble
Always having fun
Twice as much love

This is dedicated to a friend who had twins on Wednesday!