Tuesday, April 1, 2014

DAY ONE!! 30 Poems in 30 Days!!! “Pensee Poem”

Ok, friends, are you ready? In honor of "National Poetry Month" for 2014, we are going to write a different style poem every day. Oh, yeah, there are LOTS more than 30 types of poems out there. 

PLEASE join in as OFTEN as you can but if you miss a day, hey, you miss a day. No reason to give up. Life is BUSY!! We all can relate!
So, for our FIRST poem, let’s start out with one that is really quite simple and can be lots of fun. This was a favorite form that I used when I taught school. It was amazing to me what the students came up with.
This form is called a “Pensee Poem” – it is a five-line, structured poem that does not rhyme. Each line has a specific number of syllables. 

The thing to watch out for is to follow the pattern, including WHAT should be expressed on each line, using a SPECIFIC number of syllables ~                                      

Line 1
Subject (2 syllables)                    
Line 2
Description (4 syllables)                    
Precious and sweet
Line 3
Action (7 syllables)                       
Sleeps peacefully in my arms
Line 4
Setting (8 syllables)                
How do you like the world so far?
Line 5
Final thought (6 syllables)              
I wish you could tell me

Precious and sweet
Sleeps peacefully in my arms
How do you like the world so far?
I wish you could tell me.

          Stephanie Abney ~   © 2014 

Well, this is just my example, but you get the idea. So, go ahead and try several ~ perhaps one about an animal, another about your favorite foods, or time of year (holiday/season), an event, an emotion, something in nature. What comes to mind?

Feel free to post your poem in the comments – or if you’d rather not – at least make a comment and let us know that you did try this type of poem and how it went for you. Cheers!!!

So, here's another one:

Our liberties
Granted unto us by God
Outlined in our Constitution
Thank-you Founding Fathers

      © 2014 ~ Stephanie Abney

Check in tomorrow for a different style of poem.


Writers Unite to Fight Cancer said...

My Dog
Sweet Pepito
Always eager to please me
Jumping, circling, barking with joy
I love my Chihuahua

Margaret Turley

Tanya Parker Mills said...

Red rock
Stone fingers strong
Jutting from the canyon's mouth
Rosy in the blue of dawn's sky
I'll hike here again tomorrow

Tanya Parker Mills

Heidi L. Murphy said...

Beaver Tale
Flat tail, fuzzy
Chewing through tree trunks all day
You are always so dam busy.
Thanks for the swimming hole.

Heidi L. Murphy said...

I've tried to sign in or join your blog but it isn't working for some reason. I guess I'll try again later, 'cause I don't see my name in your list o' friends...:o)

a said...

Pensee is a new form for me, and I'm delighted with those posted. Since I missed any information that you were going to repeat the challenge this year, and since my 2011 poems are all in section two of my new book, Just a Woman, I am starting my new challenge today. I didn't post as early as you did, however. I wonder how often we'll mesh, but either way I plan now to write two poems a day. You can find mine on AnnaArnett.com.
This Pensee is my apology.

Poetry month
Sorry that I duplicate
My good friend's challenge to compose
A different poem each day.

Anna Arnett said...

Looks like everything posted except my name, which is Anna Arnett, at AnnaArnett.com

Hollie Robb said...

Music softly
Plays a rythem in tune with
The violin and viola.
The critics loved it so.

Stephanie Abney said...

These are all great!! Thanks for participating. Hope we get some more before the day is over. Cheers!!

~ Stephanie Abney

Lenny Henderson said...

Where has it gone?
We need law abiding lawyers,
We need law abiding judges too.
Back to civility

Monique said...

Ok here's my lame one:
Good ones and bad
The power is within you
It leads to happiness or pain
Consider things wisely

Jewelianna said...

Always needed
Swarms of children surround me
Creating chaos in the aisles
I’ll just send my husband

Vicki said...

Now cold, now hot
It changes ev'ry moment
Makes it so hard to plan my day
Will you make up your mind?