Friday, April 18, 2014

DAY EIGHTEEN!! "Color Poem" for 30 Poems in 30 Days" #NationalPoetryMonth

I've found NUMEROUS definitions of "color poems" so if you are loving the poetry challenge and want to take on more - just do a search for "color poems" and try any of them that appeal to you.

However, for today's form we are going to use the one found at: ReadWriteThink which was a favorite resource of mine as a teacher and you can see it here or just read on. The site allows using their material for educational reasons and I'm going to take that to mean since I am trying to educate others about poetry, that even though this isn't a contained classroom, is it a "virtual classroom" of sorts and I will use some of their material directly from their site ~ which is at the "here" link above.

OK, here is the style of "Color Poem" we are using today. It has a specific formula to follow; actually it demonstrates 2 patterns.

Pattern One: Choose whatever color you wish - but here is the pattern:

Green is ....
Green is .... 
Green is ....
Green is ....
Green tastes like ....
Green smells like ....
Green sounds like ....
Green feels like ....
Green looks like ....
Green makes me ....
Green is .... 

And here is a finished poem using green (taken from ReadWriteThink):
Green is .... the color of spring.
Green is .... renewal.
Green is .... the color of envy.
Green is .... a new crayon.
Green tastes like .... a crisp apple.
Green smells like .... fresh cut grass.
Green sounds like .... a croaking frog.
Green feels like .... soft, velvety moss.
Green looks like .... shiny emeralds.
Green makes me .... go.
Green is .... my favorite color.

And here is Pattern Two (still using green for their example):

List 1: What things LOOK green?
Grass, apples, markers 
List 2: What things SOUND green?
Lawnmower, music, sigh 
List 3: What things SMELL green?
Grass, rain, crayons, 
List 4: How does green FEEL?
Warm, cool, soft, velvety 
List 5: What makes YOU FEEL green?
Envy, illness, spring 
List 6:What things TASTE green?
Candy, vegetables, pesto 
List 7: What EXPERIENCES or IDEAS seem green?
Renewal, beginning, envy 
List 8: Can you think of green PLACES?
Garden, forest, swamp 

AND here is the finished example poem (taken from ReadWriteThink):

Green is apples, markers, and cool.
Green is the taste of vegetables.
Green smells like grass and rain.
Green makes me feel envious.
Green is the sound of a lawnmower and a sigh.
Green is a garden, forest, and a swamp.
Green is renewal.
Green is beginning again.
Green is spring. 
What color will you choose? 


Diane Jortner said...

Red is the circles and scratches on my paper.
Red is the the lines in my eyes.
Red is the blood pounding in my head.
Red is the stop sign in front of my face, saying take a break. Walk away.

Tanya Parker Mills said...


Orange is ... the Southern Utah earth.
Orange is ... the fading sun before dusk.
Orange is ... the piece of crafted Navajo pottery.
Orange is ... my male cat's soft fur.
Orange tastes like ... a juicy tangerine.
Orange smells like ... the blossoms of summer in
Orange sounds like ... the turning of windmills.
Orange feels like ... a basketball gripped in my
Orange looks like ... burning embers among the
Orange makes me ... think of the dry, desert
country of my childhood.
Orange is ... full of nostalgia.

Jewelianna said...

By Cailin

Pink is rosy cheeks
Pink is clouds at sunset
Pink is a flamingo
Pink is my favorite color
Pink tastes like strawberries
Pink smells like pink flowers in the sun
Pink sounds like wind in a rosebush
Pink feels like happiness
Pink looks like a smile on your face
Pink make me happy
Pink is beautiful.

Stacy said...

Green is my favorite sharpened crayon.
Green is a patch of spring grass.
Green is my Gram's thumb.
Green is inviting.
Green tastes like a plate of nutrient rich salad.
Green smells like a freshly cut hay field.
Green sounds like birds chirping.
Green feels like a breath of clean air.
Green looks like a lime popsicle.
Green makes me want to go on a long run and enjoy it all.
Green is happy.

Silver is lightning and a magnet board.
Silver is the taste of a fork clinking on my teeth.
Silver smells like a can opener.
Silver makes me feel adventurous.
Silver is the sounds of coins in my pocket.
Silver is Iceland or Finland, maybe Russia.
Silver is a treasure.
Silver is sharp.
Silver is exiting.

Stephanie Abney said...

These are GREAT!! Thanks for participating. I love that cute little 6-yr-old Cailin would participate too!! Fun times. KEEP WRITING - we do "free verse" tomorrow. You can get a head start.

Vicki said...

Yellow is the color of sunlight
Yellow is joy
Yellow is a daffodil
Yellow is a soft duckling
Yellow tastes like lemonade
Yellow smelss like fresh sun-dried laundry blowing in the breeze
Yellow sounds like peeping chicks
Yellow feels like a warm hug
Yellow looks like bright buttercups
Yellow makes me happy
Yellow is warmth after the winter.

Yellow is sun, sunlight, and ducks
Yellow is kids playing in the sun
Yellow is buttercups, daisies, and lemons
Yellow is warm sunshine
Yellow is happy quacking ducks
Yellow is butter, honey, and lemonade
Yellow is being out in nature on a warm sunny day
Yellow is a field of bright flowers

Ann Hunter said...

Blue is the color of the moon
Blue is the way I wistfully swoon
Blue is the coolness of the sea
Blue is a period between you and me.
Blue is the saddest shade by far
Blue is the color of night against a singular star.

Heidi L. Murphy said...

My Indigo poem is at
Come see me!