Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Day 5 ~ Windspark Poem for “30 poems in 30 days" #NationalPoetryMonth


Y’all are doing great!! Fun stuff, right?

So today let’s do one I’ve become rather fond of. It’s a rather simple little 5-line poem with VERY SPECIFIC GUIDELINES. Its simplicity is its beauty. This is also an easy and fun poetic form to use with children.

Here is the format for a Windspark poem:

Line 1 ~ “I dreamed” (that’s it – just write I dreamed and do not add anything)

Line 2 ~ “I was a/the _______” (you fill in the blank, generally a one-word noun)

Line 3 ~ where/location (keep it short: in theon aat the …) wherever

Line 4 ~ action (use an “ing” verb with just a few more words to describe the action)

Line 5 ~ adverb (use only ONE word – an adverb with a “ly” ending)

It’s like 1:30am on Wednesday and I’m bet – I’ll share a couple of examples I wrote a few years back. And I will try to write a new one with the rest of you during the day and come back and add it in. Cheers!!

Here are a couple of examples:

I dreamed
I was a butterfly
In a garden
Dancing in the wind

          © 2019 Stephanie Abney

   I dreamed
   I was the sun
   High in the sky
   Watching over the world

             © 2019 Stephanie Abney



artwork by Stephanie Abney © 

PLEASE REMEMBER ~ any poetry found on this blog, written by me, is my personal property and may not be used without my permission, other than sharing it as an example in a lesson or to read it to someone. The same goes for any poems that are shared in the comments of this blog or elsewhere online as a result of this challenge. They are the creative property of the person who writes them. These poems are their original work and no one may use them without their permission. It is understood that they own the copyright to them as soon as they create them and especially once they post them. Thanks so much!

*** Also, if you choose to post your poems on your own blog or elsewhere on social media ~ that’s awesome. But PLEASE don’t just copy and paste my daily instructions, but rather post your poem on your blog or your FB wall or wherever AND LINK BACK TO EACH DAY’S SPECIFIC BLOG POST for others to come here to read the instructions. I’ve spent considerable time researching the poetry forms and writing them up to share with you. Thanks for respecting my work.


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Connie Cockrell said...

I dreamed
I was a cat,
On the back of the sofa
Stretching in the sunlight,