Sunday, February 20, 2011

Book Review - The Waterfall Concept: A Blueprint for Addiction Recovery

The Waterfall Concept: A Blueprint for Addiction Recovery
by Roger Stark, Silver Star Publishing, 192 pages, $19.95 

This is a fabulous book!! No matter what habits or addictions steal your time and/or your happiness, you can find the tools in this book to be extremely useful. I'll post my more detailed review for my regular Book Review blog once I get permission from ~ in the meantime, you can follow the link and read it there. Then I would love it if you came back here and left a comment and then followed the last link to Deseret News where you can leave comments and leave one there as well. Thanks so much!!

Roger Stark's own journey of recovery gave him the desire to become an addiction counselor. Now he shows others the way to healing through one-on-one counseling, at recovery retreats and in his new book, "The Waterfall Concept: A Blueprint for Addiction Recovery." Read the Complete Book Review at Deseret News

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Well, I guess everyone followed link to be able to read the complete article because even though there are NO comments here - there have been over 1,500 hits on the article. Thanks, everyone!!