Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Day 7 “Free Verse” 30 Poems in 30 Days #NationalPoetryMonth

So, today, I’m going to “cut you loose” a bit. There are so many more poetry forms to share with you but sometimes you just have to say what you have to say.  Enter . . . “Free Verse.”

There are not really any rules to writing “free verse.” Let me say a few things before you just leap for joy and say - "Oh goodie, no format to follow." Well, that IS entirely true - Free verse has no set pattern of rhyme or rhythm, no rules about the number of lines or how to divide it into stanzas or verses . . . or not. Everything is up for grabs and so suddenly, "Free Verse" becomes one of the easiest and at the same time, one of the most difficult forms of poetry to write. 

YOU are in charge - if YOU say it's poetry, then it's poetry. Once you have finished it - read it aloud and see if it flows. If not, you can make your lines shorter - or longer - or adjust things so that when you read it aloud it becomes like spoken music. THAT'S free verse. 

It can be heartfelt, silly, serious, educational, spiritual, sad or simply tell a story or relate a feeling. It can describe an object, animal, person, place or whatever you decide to write about. “Free Verse” 30 Poems in 30 Days #NationalPoetryMonth

Guess I’m in a reflective mood today – here are two free verse poems that I wrote:

Arizona Sunset - photographer, Bob Murray, has given me permission to use his photo


Hope creates options.
It still can happen.
In fact, anything CAN happen.
Hope is what we cling to.
I hope I am doing enough.
I hope people understand the purity of my motives.
I hope my family will all be together in the hereafter.

Why do I have hope?
Because I believe what Christ said when He came.
I believe He really did die for our sins and that
through the atonement of Christ
and the power of the resurrection;
I can be raised up unto life eternal with my loved ones.
That is what I hope for.

And because I have hope
. . . I keep trying.
                                         © 2015 Stephanie Abney

World Changers

You can change the world.
The power is in you.
You can brighten someone’s day
With how you smile at them
And what you have to say.

You can change the world.
You need not write a song or paint a masterpiece.
Just acknowledge the person you’re with.
Give them your time and attention,
Whether young or old, rich or poor.

You can change the world.
Give someone some slack,
Share a kind word of encouragement
Get to know someone
Witness their life so they don’t go unnoticed.

You can change the world.
Do these things and you may be pleased
At the joy that comes from being kind,
From being present with just one person
Or even with yourself

You can change the world.
Be kind, give another person value
By giving them your time and attention,
Especially if that someone is very young
Or very old.

And if you look around
At the end of the day,
Don’t be surprised if
The person whose world you change
. . . is you.

                            © 2015 Stephanie Abney

Please remember – any poetry found on this blog, written by me, is my personal property and may not be used without my permission. The same goes for any poems that are shared in the comments section of this blog. They are the property of the person who shares them. These poems are their original work and no one may use them in any form without their express permission. It is understood that they own the copyright to it. Thanks!! 

And if you choose to post your poems on your own blog – that’s awesome. But please don’t just copy and paste my daily instructions, but rather post your poem and LINK BACK TO THIS BLOG POST for others to read the instructions. Thanks for respecting my work.


Vicki said...

In my life
There have been many pets.
We've loved and lost a lot
But that's the way it is
For a pet owner

It's like any kind of Love
Whatever you put out
Comes back to you

Pets love us unconditionally
Just like our Heavenly Father
Is it any wonder that
Dog is God spelled backwards

I am grateful for all the animals
Who've been part of my life
And I wouldn't have it any other way!

Deborah said...

In the Spring our streets are lined with trees
which stretch forth their pink and white blossoms
in gestures of hope and expectation
which is never realized.
Ornamental, they told me, when I asked
why the blossoms unfold in great splendor and
then merely fall, fruitless, to the ground.
Am I this way, I wonder, full of grand gestures, and yet
barren of that which glorifies the real Hope that is in us?

Heidi Murphy said...

Okay. This is mine: http://murph4slaw.blogspot.com/2015/04/a-voice-in-darkness.html

I'd put it on here but the pictures help make the story.

Heidi Murphy said...

PS. I sure love reading your poetry, you all who set quill to parchment here.

Stephanie Abney said...

These are all great!! Thanks for participating.

cassie said...

I did one but didn't really like it so I did not post it.