Monday, April 27, 2015

Day 27 ~ 2015 Rictameter Poem for #NationalPoetryMonth "30 poems in 30 days"

Day 27 ~  Let’s Write a Rictameter Poem

OK, another poem that focuses on the number of syllables per line. It doesn't matter if they rhyme of not. Here is the pattern for a RICTAMETER POEM ~

A rictameter is a nine line poetry form. The 1st and last lines are the same with the syllable count as follows:

       ~  line 1 - 2 syllables - same as line 9
       ~  line 2 - 4 syllables
       ~  line 3 - 6 syllables
       ~  line 4 - 8 syllables
       ~  line 5 - 10 syllables
       ~  line 6 - 8 syllables
       ~  line 7 - 6 syllables
       ~  line 8 - 4 syllables
       ~  line 9 - 2 syllables - same as line 1  

On Missing My Son

Joy in each day
What great times we all had
Getting through the good and the bad
And then, my happiness was gone, like you
Your body too weak for this world
Until we meet again
Never to part

© 2011 Stephanie Abney

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Heidi Murphy said...

Steph, I love your poem about your son. So poignant!
Mine is a whole lot less poignant, but here just the same:

Vicki said...

Life on this earth
Knowing the Plan of God
Is for eternal families
Our cup is full forever and ever
When our mortal life is ended
And we see our savior
Arms around us

Deborah said...

Mother's Day gift.
Royal purple color.
You grew from a such a little twig
You bring happiness to those who see you.
Bees buzz joyously around you.
Reigning as garden queen.
Beautiful scent.