Thursday, April 2, 2015

Day 2 - How to write an “I Wish, but I Am” poem

#NationalPoetryMonth ~ Ready to try another one? Well, just because I’ve had several people TRY to say they can’t write a poem; let’s go with another “fill-in-the-blanks” for Day 2, while some people are still getting their “feet wet,” so to speak. I’m just here to encourage you along – you can always write other types of poetry if the poems I feature on any given day just aren’t what you want to write about.

This is known as an “I Wish, but I Am” ~ yep, another poem to reveal just a bit more about you – or not – you can totally make stuff up; whatever.  You can even fill in the blanks as if your dog were doing so. You’re in charge. These lines are just to get you started. This one is so fun and easy that you can write several of them. Or change the beginning words to those that work for you (concentrate on words of feeling and being for the beginning of each line). 

Here we go:
Line 1: I wish I 

Line 2: Like 
Line 3: And I dream
Line 4: I am
Line 5: I used to
Line 6: But now I
Line 7: I seem to
Line 8: But I'm really

So here is one I wrote that is serious and one that is silly (I put the beginning phrases in blue in my examples so you can see how it goes):

On Missing My Son

I wish I could tell you it gets better
Like it was before he was gone

And I dream of him ever so near me
I am once again singing that silly song

I used to take such things for I granted
But now I can see I was wrong
I seem to be getting used to his absence
But I'm really just getting along

        © 2015 Stephanie Abney

Celery and Chocolate

I wish chocolate had zero calories 
Like this celery stick in my hand

And I dream of mouthfuls of ice cream
I am deluding myself it would seem

I used to eat whatever I wanted
But now I eat things that are green
I seem to be getting control of my food
But I'm really just full of whip cream

        © 2015 Stephanie Abney

BTW, obviously, any poetry that is shared in the comments section of this blog is the property of the person who shares it. The poem is their original work and no one may use it in any form without their express permission. It is understood that they own the copyright to it. Just a little reminder. Thanks!! 

And if you choose to post your poems on your own blog – that’s awesome. Please don’t just copy and paste my daily instructions, but rather post your poem and link back to my blog for others to read the instructions. Thank-you.


Vicki said...

I wish I could write a quick poem
Like some of my friends seem to do
And I dream that I could be published
I am not sure that will come true
I used to think I couldn't do it
But now I see that I can
I seem to have overcome my anguish
But I'm really excited to plan.

cassie said...

A Child
by: Cassie M. Shiels

I wish I were a little child
Like age 3 to 5 or so
And I dream of being silly and wild
I am much older though
I used to have so much more energy
But now I feel rather slow
I seem to have become more mild
But I'm really a child inside.

Erica said...

I wish I could acquire before I sense regret
Like when childhood was uninhibited
And I dream my exploits valued over eternity
I am ridiculously faithful of my temporal voyage
I used to desire fairy-tales
But now I enjoy real life expeditions
I seem to dress in rosette shaded spectacles
But I'm really perceptive of authenticity

Stacy said...

I wish I was a runway model
Like Cindy Crawford is.
And I dream of chiseled cheekbones and
I am sure my hair has too much frizz.
I used to think that it could happen
But now I know it won’t transpire.
I seem to be content with my looks
But I'm really understanding that by becoming a mother I aimed higher.

Annisa said...

I wish I was the heroine in my novels
Like Darla who teaches me about painting
And I dream that I was Eva with her endless passion for birds
I am the writer whose only companion is words
I used to write about everything
But now I am a prisoner of Plot
I seem to never be happy with what I write
But I'm really happy to play my part

My poetry needs lots of work but I hope to improve this month. Thanks for posting these challenges! <3

Anika Arrington said...

Spring Training
I wish I had my homework
Like the smart kid down the row.
And I dream of writing essays
I am proud to read and show.
I used to try much harder,
But now I have a pitch to throw.
I seem to study so much less,
But I’m a baseball fan, you know.

Stephanie Abney said...

These are ALL so great, and so unique - I'm loving this!! Thanks for participating. I can't wait to see what the rest of today and the rest of the month brings! Cheers!!

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Stephanie! What beautiful poems. I love "On Missing My Son", how poignantly done. ((HUGS))

I've always loved this poem:

It brings things into perspective and I strive to value every moment with my children. <3

Elizabeth Mueller
AtoZ 2015
My Little Pony

Elizabeth Mueller said...

PS--thanks for linking me to your blog from FB, it's always nice to meet up on other platforms! :)

Deborah said...


I wish I was really in the running club
like all my other friends (and that I was not just the one who shows up for lunch)
And I dream of finding a sport that's mine and while
I am finding motivation to walk, and I might go back to the pool, dancing is my favorite.
I used to square dance with a club
but now I just use my living room.
I seem to dance in the store to the canned music a little too much
but I'm really more of a couch potato, with lap top in hand, and silly poems exuding from my fingers.

Andilyn Jenkins said...

Here we go:

On Being Too Tired to Finish the Poem Adequately

I wish I were in bed
sleeping like the dead.

And I dream of peaceful nights
where I'm warm and tucked in tight

I used to sleep for hours,
but now I've lost those powers.

I seem to have insomnia,
but I'm really just a mom...nia.

Andilyn Jenkins said...