Thursday, April 16, 2015

Day 16 - "Spring Senses" Poem for "30 Poems in 30 Days" #NationalPoetryMonth


Day 16 ~ Let's Write a Spring Senses Poem

This is a simple little “finish the line” format that involves the five senses. With the crazy weather most of us have been having, you might have to dig deep for what you THINK Spring is like. You can keep it short and simple, using just one or two words or create a sentence as long as you wish. It’s basically a “free verse” pattern, but feel free to make rhyming endings if that’s what comes to you. Have fun!!

Spring Senses Poem
Spring looks like _____________________.
Spring sounds like ____________________.
Spring feels like ______________________.
Spring smells like _____________________.
Spring tastes like _____________________.

Here’s two I came up with:
Spring looks like sunshine.
Spring sounds like birds singing.
Spring feels like a cool breeze.
Spring smells like mint leaves.
Spring tastes like strawberries.

Spring looks like the excited anticipation in my grandchild’s eyes.
Spring sounds like lawn mowers, sprinklers, birds chirping and children laughing.
Spring feels like a soft bunny, the wind blowing across your face and a gentle hug.
Spring smells like orange blossoms, a baby fresh out of a bath and the earth after a soft rain.
Spring tastes like Jello Jigglers, strawberries and cotton candy.

Stephanie Abney

How would YOU describe Spring?

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Vicki said...

Spring looks like puffy white clouds in the sky
Spring sounds like newborn chicks peeping in the trees
Spring feels like a warm hug from grandchild
Spring smells like all the sweet scents in nature
Spring tastes like every fresh berry on the vine

cassie said...

Spring looks like new life beginning
Spring sounds like birds tweeting
Spring feels lie the sun is starting to warm
Spring smells like fresh flowers and dirt
Spring tastes like popsicles and popcorn

Heidi Murphy said...

Here's my bit o' spring:

Axe-Sharp Thoughts said...

This is my first to join in the month of poetry.
Spring looks like the awakening birth of earth
Spring sounds like an orchestra of nature
Spring feels like the sun’s warmth
Spring smells like a rareness of mixed flavors
Spring tastes like an essence to savor