Sunday, April 12, 2015

Day 12 – 2015 ~ Ever heard of “Book Spine Poetry?”

So, today, I’m giving you instructions for poetry that will be showcased later in the week. But you will need to learn about it now so you can be working on it. It’s SUPER FUN!!

This is an intriguing way to “create” or, actually, “find” a poem by arranging and rearranging a stack of books that show the title on the book spine into something clever that might be a “poem.” Just like creating any poetry, you get to decide if it will happy or sad, serious of funny or whatever. 

Simply start perusing the titles on your bookshelves and pull out some that have possibilities and start stacking them up to see what you might discover.

Here is a link from the “School Library Journal” where you can browse through several years of photos of book spine poetry for some inspiration if you need ideas: "Spine Poem Gallery"

Here’s a very quick and rather silly one I pulled together out of some kids’ books:

“One Windy Day”                         
“Samantha Learns a Lesson”
“20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”
“Nine True Dolphin Stories”
“All about . . . Dinosaurs”

Since this will take some time we’ll wait until Friday to share them. SO – I suggest that be today being D.E.A.R. “Drop Everything And Read” day in honor of Beverly Cleary (today, April 12th, is her birthday), who wrote about D.E.A.R. in Ramona Quimby, Age 8, that you write a poem of ANY style about a favorite book. Just a thought. See ya’ tomorrow!!


Vicki said...

Day 12-Poetry Challenge

Drop Everything And Read Day

Working in a library is so much fun
I have access to so many books
There's books for children
And books for teens
There's books for adults
And books for Tweens
I have read so many books,
But there's so many more
I don't know how I could pick one
I have a pile on the floor
So this poem is about all books
Because everyone needs to read
We can learn about life
And things that we need
So come to the library
It's waiting for you
It has so much to offer
And lots to do.

Heidi Murphy said...

Here's my poem:

Jewelianna said...

This project allowed me to do some of my favorite kind of reading - the revisiting of my highlights and notes! This is a poem based on my favorite book: "The Psychology of Winning."
Each couplet summarizes a main point from each chapter. (Thank goodness there are only ten!)

The Psychology of Winning

A winner has vision that goes beyond self, it's an others-centric comprehension
To have empathy, lace up their shoes on your feet, in a mile you'll gain their perception

If your love for yourself is a dried and cracked pail
You can try to fill others' but to no avail.

Your results in your life are alone yours to claim
You lose your power to change as soon as you blame

Where you are and where you want to be, cultivates tension deep in your soul
The pressure, like a bow pulled taut, propels you towards your worthwhile goal

Your thoughts manifest physically into your life, what you think of and expect find expression
Belief and confidence or discouragement and fear; of which do your results give reflection?

View yourself as the miracle you are, and as one such, take appropriate measure
To care for yourself, and you'll take on the traits that are equal to being God's treasure.

A fulfilling life pursues purpose and passion which depends upon you to design
With no destination or chosen path, you only aimlessly wander or resign

Habits begin as harmless thoughts - like flimsy cobwebs - and then,
with practice, become unbreakable chains to bind or strengthen

Winners have influence wherever they go, it's a state of mind they're in
In families and communities, winning is helping somebody else win

Designing who you are is within your power to choose
There is still time to Win! But there just isn't time to Lose.

Stephanie Abney said...

Holy Smokes, ladies - those are some powerful poems. I went to Heidi's blog and read hers too. All three are simply wonderful.

The thing I like about this poetry challenge is that whether or not I'm much of a poet, look what I have inspired. Nice.

cassie said...

mine was hum… okay.

Deborah said...

Lovely! Everyone did a great job!
I wrote a DEAR poem but won't be able to write book spine poem until I get home. All the books at this house I am at are in boxes buried somewhere, which horrified me until I remembered they hadn't lived here that long.