Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Day 11 ~ How to Write an “I Am Poem” for “30 Poems in 30 Days” #NationalPoetryMonth (fill in the blank)

This one is SUPER EASY – just fill in the blanks. First, a template, then an example and at the end, I'll share a "fill-in-the-blanks" LINK that will help you do this poem easily and quickly. Let's get started. In order to create an "I Am" poem, you need to answer certain questions!!

This "formula" form poem was one of my favorites to use as a teacher because it ended up giving me some interesting insight about my students. Some were very serious and tender, others were silly. For example ~ one boy wrote for the "I Am" line (which gets repeated over and over): "I am an honest young man who loves the Lord." (Yep, right there in school, then he went on to fill in the other lines with the type of person he tried to be ... because he was a young man who loved the Lord). However, another student wrote "I am a happy boy who loves pizza." The rest of the poem was hysterical. You can go anywhere, depending on WHO you say you ARE. Here's the form - YOU fill in the blanks BUT you must follow the instructions for each line!!

IF this feels TOO personal - make up a character or if you are writing a book, use one of your characters for this poem ~ the easiest way is to copy and paste the format onto a document page and then read the instructions and replace them with YOUR words:

Below is the line-by-line set-up for this version of the "I Am..." poem: 

I Am…

1st Stanza 
I am (two special characteristics you have)
I wonder (something you are actually curious about)
I hear (an imaginary sound)
I see (an imaginary sight)
I want (an actual desire)
I am (the first line of the poem is repeated) 
Stanza 2 
I pretend (something you really pretend to do)
I feel (a feeling about something imaginary)
I touch (something you imagine you touch)
I worry (a worry that is real to you)
I cry (something that makes you very sad)
I am (the first line of the poem is repeated) 
Stanza 3 
I understand (something you know is true)
I say (something you believe in)
I dream (a dream you actually have)
I try (something you make an effort to do)
I hope (something you really hope for)
I am (the first line of the poem is repeated)
Here’s one I did a few years ago – I reread it and things aren’t that different – it still seems to apply to me so I’m just going to use it here rather than write a new one.

I Am…

I am compassionate and distracted.
I wonder if people realize the sincerity of my motives.
I hear opportunities passing.
I see endless possibilities
I want to fulfill my life’s mission.

I am compassionate and distracted.
I pretend I’m not noticing everything all at once.
I feel like I am always “on the verge” of … something.
I touch the part of me that’s missing.
I worry I might leave this life with some of my “music left inside me.”
I cry when I think about those who may have misunderstood me.
I am compassionate and distracted.

I understand the Lord is aware of my intentions and talents.
I say my writings will make a difference.
I dream of helping others with my words.
I try to give people the benefit of the doubt.
I hope they will do the same for me.
I am compassionate and distracted.
              © Stephanie Abney 2011

Here is an ONLINE "I Am" Poem generator – literally just FILL IN THE BLANKS and hit “CREATE POEM” – easy peasy!!

"I Am" Poem Creator  

JUST fill in the blanks ~ you'll notice it is from an elementary school website - goes to show you how simple it can be!! Enjoy!! Cheers!

PLEASE REMEMBER ~ any poetry found on this blog, written by me, is my personal property and may not be used without my permission, other than sharing it as an example in a lesson or to read it to someone. The same goes for any poems that are shared in the comments of this blog or elsewhere online as a result of this challenge. They are the creative property of the person who writes them. These poems are their original work and no one may use them without their permission. It is understood that they own the copyright for to them as soon as they post them. Thanks so much!

Also, if you choose to post your poems on your own blog ~ that’s awesome. But PLEASE don’t just copy and paste my daily instructions, but rather post your poem on your blog or you FB wall or wherever AND LINK BACK TO THIS BLOG POST for others to come here to read the instructions. I’ve spent considerable time researching the poetry forms and writing them up to share with you. Thanks for respecting my work. 


kbrebes said...

I generated five poems before I allowed myself to read yours--just so I would get the process and see what's inside of me. Now, I'm blown away reading your poem. It's honest and real and I love it!!

Vicki said...

Day 11-I Am poem

I am loyal and loving
I wonder if I can make a difference in the world
I hear the drums of change
I see love all around
I want for each person to feel loved
I am loyal and loving

I pretend I can do things better than I really can
I feel that I am a strong, vibrant woman
I touch the faces of all who are suffering
I worry it won't be enough
I am loyal and loving

I understand it won't change overnight
I say I love each soul
I dream of all people feeling my love
I try to show my love each day
I hope to make a change
I am loyal and loving

Heidi Murphy said...

I've already done two poems today, so I'm not going to do an extra one to put on facebook. Please go see them at https://murph4slaw.blogspot.com/2017/04/i-am-month-of-poetry-30-poems-in-30.html
Must work on my lonely WIP! I WILL write on it today. I WILL!

Peggy Barker said...

I Am…
I am patient and tender hearted.
I wonder when Christ will come again.
I hear the sun raising.
I see love in the air.
I want to be ready when He comes.
I am patient and tender hearted.
I pretend I am a great singer.
I feel silly liking unicorns.
I touch rainbows.
I worry when the weather is bad.
I cry when others cry.
I am patient and tender hearted.
I understand that bad things happen.
I say believe in Jesus Christ, He can make anything better.
I dream one day my family can all be together forever.
I try to help other people.
I hope I can be more Christlike.
I am patient and tender hearted.