Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 16 ~ Let's Write a Monorhyme Poem

Today we are going to try our hand at a Monorhyme Poem! 

A Monorhyme is a poem in which all the lines have the same end rhyme.
It can be however many lines you want and about any subject as long as the last word of each line rhymes with all the other last words of each line. And you don't skip (space) any lines. 
Here's a sample:

Late for Class
I realized it was half past four
When I, quite late, ran out the door.
My history class I so abhor,
But I missed two sessions the week before.
I failed a test on ancient lore
And forgot the date of the Second World War.
(Man, my brain was really sore.)
Up the marble stairs I tore,
And slid across a just-mopped floor:
I banged my knee and loudly swore,
To wake -again- at half past four!
These nightmares I can stand no more...
                                Copyright © 2001 Dendrobia 

Here's mine. It's short and sweet because I'm not at home. I'm at my son's home and trying to do this without my files and my own computer. (His is great, no problem, just used to my own stuff). 

I'm away from home, at my son's house in Pine.
Saturday is a writer's conference, so very fine.
I'll learn new things about writing a line,
And how to publish a book, so divine.

© 2011 Stephanie Abney
Your turn!!


Unknown said...

Heavenly Father sent us sweet Penelope
Then He sent mischievous, strong spirited Anai
Followed by her sister ever smiling and gentle Emileigh.
There’s our valiant priesthood holder Scotty
And his impish but angelic brother Luis (Louie)
Let’s not forget those who are adoptees
Brothers Jack and Johnny
And blessed Brandon sealed for eternity
To a wonderful celestial family.
Cousins now and ever will be
Cousins with families who love them happily.
Mary L. Walling 4/2011

Stephanie Abney said...

Great!! :)