Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh Say Can You See? BLOG TOUR DETOUR!!

Today I was scheduled to post a review of L.C. Lewis' new book, Oh Say Can You See? (a stand alone historical novel, as well as the 4th in her series Free Men and Dreamers). However, life sometimes has other plans. I'll spare you details (everyone is fine, just got an unexpected monkey wrench thrown at me) but I won't be posting that review today - Laurie Lewis graciously suggested I post it later so check back BUT in the meantime, you should just buy the book anyway - in time for Christmas - because it's fabulous!

You may or may not know that I am actually starting another blog dedicated to book reviews and author interviews.Stephanie's Book Reviews & Author Interviews ~ and that's where I'll be posting future book reviews - I may continue to post some here until people get used to going to the other one. I will definitely post my review of Oh Say Can You See? as soon as I can here as some people are being directed to this blog as part of the tour. Thanks for your patience. :)

You can also expect a review on The Waterfall Concept soon - am waiting to find out about "First Rights" to another place that will be publishing my review before I can proceed. So, guess most ventures start out with a few surprises, but stay tuned, I have lots to share with you ... soon. Become a follower!! Thanks and I'll "see" ya' later.


Laurie LC Lewis said...


I hope you're feeling even just a tad better today. No worries about the review. You've got to get better in time for Christmas!

But thanks for the nod for "Oh, Say Can You See?" Looking forward to your review when you're well and rested!

Laurie LC Lewis

Stephanie Abney said...

Thanks, Laurie ~ I'm feeling fine now BUT with the holidays here & family visiting from out of town & cute little grandkids running around, it will no doubt be AFTER Christmas before I can post it. Sorry about that, but I'm trying to spread the word in the meantime!!