Sunday, November 22, 2009

Precious Little Brian Hunter Carlson has arrived!!!

Taylor & Payton cannot get enough of their new little brother!! So sweet.

Brian (named after his uncle B.J.) weighed 9 lbs. 2.6 oz and was 22 inches long. He is so wonderful. Other news is that Adam has been accepted into Medical School and so they will be moving in January. (Happy for him – sad to say good-bye to their family for even a short time).

Life is so crazy busy that I haven’t written on this blog since September? HOW did that happen? School is great (but I’m constantly involved in it … just ask my family). I’m grateful to have such a supportive and sweet man-servant, I mean, husband (LOL). He frequently has dinner on the table when I get home because I have been putting in such long hours. By the way, JIM is the one who called himself a "man-servant." What would I do without him? He's such a keeper!! Love him more every day.

Well, just wanted to post about Brian. Got to run. Hope everyone is well and happy. Love and Blessings to all!!!! :)

Jessica Drew photographed our sweet little Brian when he was just 13 days old and you can see his pictures at: ~ she is a remarkable photographer.


Durfee Family said...

I saw Brian's pictures! He is a darling! And, yes your husband is a keeper! He's such a great guy! Where is Kaci and Adam going to med school?

Anita said...

Baby Brian looks like he is a cutie. Congratulations to all!