Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jaci Turns 5 and Starts School on the Same Day!!

Yesterday was our granddaughter Jaci's 5th birthday and also her first day at school in Henderson, Nevada. She is the very delightful daughter of our daughter, Mandy and son-in-law, Jason Leavitt. Her older brother, Eli is nine.

Jaci is such a "girlie girl" and so adorable. So, for her birthday, Mandy took her to Libby Lu's in the Mall and here are the pictures and captions Mandy sent to document it:
This store is sooooo cute! It is every little girls' dream come true. Basically it is a beauty salon for little girls. The first thing they do is let them dress up. Jaci chose this sparkle dress.
Next they take them to a little stool with a heart shaped mirror. Then they get to choose eyeshadow and lip gloss. Pink for Jaci! Next, a manicure is in order followed by the child's choice of hair style:
Jaci chose the "Royal."
The accessory Jaci chose was the Diva hair piece while Eli supported the whole thing. What a good brother.

They followed it up with a trip to Dairy Queen!! Jaci's words: "This was the best b-day ever." (which she says every b-day) It was a fun little pamper session. Happy Birthday Jaci!


Barb said...

Jaci us so adorable! I love the pictures. Glad you ate enjoying teaching. See you soon at Mel's wedding!

Alishia said...

How cute! Can she really be 5 already?? That sounds like a fun birthday for a little girl. Too bad my boys wouldn't want to celebrate there. Oh, to have a little "girly girl"!

Shawnette Nielson said...

Kids remind us to be young, don't they! Thanks for sharing, Stephanie.

Janette Rallison said...

Love that hair! What a cutie!