Saturday, June 21, 2008

HELD OVER in Mesa ~ Emma Smith: My Story

Emma Smith: My Story has been held over a FOURTH week here in Mesa at the Riverview Cinemark 16. That will make it a month-long run when they were wondering if they could get a week or two from it. How exciting is that??? I SUGGEST YOU GO AGAIN and if you haven't gone yet... good grief!!! Get going!!!!!

This movie is LIFE-CHANGING! So, go see it (even if you've already been) before it leaves town. I have to tell you that all three times I’ve gone (and I’m planning on going at least once more)… the theater was quite full (even in the middle of the day) and each time everyone remained silent until the very end of the credits, just like the first time I saw it. No one moved, no one spoke. It was truly a wonderful experience… the good feeling it gives you lasts a very long time… go get another “fix” of excellence.

So, PLEASE GO... FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!!! I wouldn't lead you astray... this is one of the finest movies I have ever seen.

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Paula said...

Gads! You have no idea how much I wish they'd include other missionary areas as part of these limited releases. When are they going to put this out to DVD so the rest of us can see it? It almost seems they could do limited DVD releases and generate more capital from the rest of us instead of having to wait until you've all seen it...