Saturday, April 8, 2017

Day 8 ~ How to Write a “Free Verse Poem” for “30 Poems in 30 Days” #NationalPoetryMonth

OK, so today we are going abandon all those “rules” and formulas” and create a poem about anything or anyone that you choose. Whatever resonates with you. Today . . . we are going to write a poem in “free verse.”  

I thought I would briefly address the difference between “blank verse” and “free verse.” Blank Verse is generally unrhymed verse BUT it has a rather detailed fixed metrical pattern. I don’t plan to go into that today. Whereas Free Verse is more random, with NO fixed metrical pattern of any kind and no need to rhyme although you are welcome to and it doesn’t need to be any systematic pattern of rhyming if you even choose to use rhyme – no need to count syllables or to worry about much of anything – just let it come. But free verse is actually tricky to make it flow, but once you get it just how you want it – you will be happy with it.

Here’s one I wrote a couple of years ago ~ (we are having a family reunion this weekend; so FUN, but no time for writing new poems). Cheers!! Having said that, how about you?  What will you write about?

Hope creates options.
It still can happen.
In fact, anything CAN happen.
Hope is what we cling to.
I hope I am doing enough.
I hope people understand the purity of my motives.
I hope my family will all be together in the hereafter.

Why do I have hope?
Because I believe what Christ said when He came.
I believe He really did die for our sins and that
through the atonement of Christ
and the power of the resurrection;
I can be raised up unto life eternal with my loved ones.
That is what I hope for.

And because I have hope
. . . I keep trying.

                © 2015 Stephanie Abney

PLEASE REMEMBER ~ any poetry found on this blog, written by me, is my personal property and may not be used without my permission, other than sharing it as an example in a lesson or to read it to someone. The same goes for any poems that are shared in the comments of this blog or elsewhere online as a result of this challenge. They are the creative property of the person who writes them. These poems are their original work and no one may use them without their permission. It is understood that they own the copyright for to them as soon as they post them. Thanks so much!

Also, if you choose to post your poems on your own blog ~ that’s awesome. But PLEASE don’t just copy and paste my daily instructions, but rather post your poem on your blog or you FB wall or wherever AND LINK BACK TO THIS BLOG POST for others to come here to read the instructions. I’ve spent considerable time researching the poetry forms and writing them up to share with you. Thanks for respecting my work.


Vicki said...

Day 8-Free Verse

Life is like a roller coaster
There are too many hills and valleys to count
But that's what make life and roller coasters fun!
How exciting would either be if they went nowhere?

Peggy Barker said...

"You've Got to Want It"

Anything you want to do is achievable, but you've got to want it.

If you exert an effort towards your goal, you can reach it, but you've got to want it.

Hours of practice, work and trials will help develop a talent or obtain a goal, but you've got to want it.

Diligence is what you do when you really want to reach your goal and when you do, you will find it is accomplished.