Monday, April 2, 2012

Ever heard of a "Poetweet?"

Short and Simple: "Poetweet" (AND VERY TRICKY)!!

Our ever-changing digital age continues to create new modes of communication. Have you encountered “poetweets” yet? It you are on Twitter then you most likely have but if you haven’t ventured into Twitter Land yet (and I still haven’t), then it might me new to you

What I love about limited poetry (those that are specific as to the number of words or syllables you can you use) is that they force us to “tighten things up.” The surprising thing is that, usually, when you manage to say what you mean with fewer words, it packs a lot more power. 
A fun little aside (if you happen to live in NYC) is that the mayor’s office of New York is hosting its third annual Twitter poetry "Poetweet" contest as part of National Poetry Month so if you live there, go to the mayor’s website and check it out. In fact, no matter where you live, scout around and see what kinds of similar things might be going on in your neck of the woods.

According to the “Urban Dictionary” a “poetweet” is a form of poetry which consists of exactly 140 characters. There is no reference to rhyme or rhythm, only 140 characters exactly. All words must be spelled out, no short cuts such as "ur" for "you are" or "b4" for "before." And definitely no "lol"! Normal contractions are allowed.

Here’s the example of a poetweet offered in the “Urban Dictionary”: Of all the sights I see, there is none so beautiful as your shadow. Knowing you're near, and the sun is shining is enough for me. Beautiful.
Here’s my attempt:
Surrounded by grandchildren, all vying for attention. One on my lap, one sits beside me and one waits patiently. Feels like I am in heaven!!
                   © 2012 by Stephanie Abney 
The TRICKIEST part is getting 140 characters (with spaces) EXACTLY – have fun!! See ya’ tomorrow. YOUR TURN!


Mary L Walling said...

ok Stephani here's my try. It's only taken me an hour and a half to get the count right. (I hope)

Luis is watching my TV
Cartoons it has to be
Flapjack, Batman, Redakai
Now he's watching iCarly
Cartoons are driving me
to the edge of insanity.

This is after a full day of cartoons and wanting to watch an adult type program. The kids are on Spring Break here.

Erica said...

HUNGER, death, and pain were never meant to be a GAME. Our children know this, give them credit. Silence comes at a price, talking doesn’t.


Stephanie Abney said...

Wow! Way to go, you guys!! Thanks for participating!!


Anna Arnett said...

A fun challenge. At this time of night, I had only one option for a theme, and took it.

So late and so sleepy with work yet to do.
Do I do or not do? I view
My list, long for bed,
I flip a coin; work if heads
Pray for tails
And sleep

Heidi L. Murphy said...

My Rescuer

From dark places I creep to the light. I cannot accept my foul plight.

He reaches, takes hold of my hand, pulls me to safety. I understand

Vicki said...

This is mine.

When I think of all the books I have read

and all the ones in my to-be-read pile, I smile!

I love books so much, so what can I do?

I can go to work in a Library near home,

so now I can smile all day!