Friday, April 1, 2011

April is NATIONAL POETRY MONTH!! 30 Poems in 30 Days

So, APRIL IS NATIONAL POETRY MONTH!! And there are 30 days in April and I invite you to try writing a poem a day -- (or just a thought, a blog, whatever) - but there are SO MANY KINDS OF POETRY out there, that not only could you give it a try, you could actually write a DIFFERENT style of poem each day. I did this with my creative writing students last year and it was a blast! It was amazing to see what they came up with. (I'm doing it on our closed writers group online but I thought if I also did it here, others might want to join in).

I thought it might be fun to post the poem I come up each day here on my blog - you are welcome to do the same in the comments (or fire up your own blog)! Everyone should remember common courtesy - if someone writes something/anything - THEY ALSO OWN THE COPYRIGHT TO IT THE MOMENT THEY WRITE IT - so don't go using something you read here that someone else has written unless you give them proper recognition (and better yet, seek their permission to use it). Always include the name of the author of any story, poem, blog post or anything that you share. Thanks. [Drives me crazy when I read something wonderful that is flying through everyone's email and no one bothered to include the author's name]. :) 

Ok, so, if you want to join me - I think I'll post a different style with an example of it each day. Then, I'll make up my own poem and post it. 

Feel free to share your creations. You might really surprise yourself!!

Here is a link that you can use on your own for ideas and inspiration: - info on National Poetry Month & more

So, this will be fun!!! WHO'S IN????

DAY 1 ~ Let’s write a couplet:

A couplet is a two-lined verse. Both lines rhyme and usually have a rhythm to them.
Try expressing your complete thought in two mid-sized poetic lines. The last words should rhyme. It can be spiritual or silly – couplets are great to write for children or with children.

It is possible to string a bunch of couplets together to create a longer poem, but for our first day – just try one 2-line couplet.

Here’s an example from "Nature's Shows," found in Tickle Day: Poems from Father Goose by Charles Ghigna

Nature puts on little shows
Every time it rains or snows.
                            © 1994 by Charles Ghigna

Anyway, here are my two offerings, for what their worth (one is simple; the other is silly).

~~~~~~~ I was thinking about the Lord's tender mercies and came up with this:

I know the Lord is mindful of me,
And it makes me happy as can be.
                             © 2011 by Stephanie Abney

~~~~~~~ then, in a moment of frustration, I thought a little on "getting one's nose out of joint" and came up with this:

Writing this little assignment
Puts my nose out of alignment.
                               © 2011 by Stephanie Abney

Did you think of a couplet? Just look around and think on an object, or an emotion and give it a shot!!



Mary L Walling said...

Love this blog. I used to write poetry years ago. So here we go.
Her mother's yelling gets on my nerves.
And it's sure more than the child deserves.

Stephanie Abney said...

Thanks, Mary! Perfect couplet (a little sad, though). Glad to have you here!!

Theresa Small Sneed said...

Great idea! You know I love poetry! I actually did write a poem earlier this's part of my WIP, but I want to try this couplet too...

Friends are often like great books
Forever yours e'n if overlooked

Okay, that's the best I can do this late at night!
I hope this ditty didn't give you a fright!

Oh great! Now I'm going to start talking in couplets!
Which I guess is okay, unless I need to supl'ment...

Vicki said...

I guess i should begin right here,
to write a couplet true and dear.

I want my rhyme to make some sense,
so no one else will think I'm dense.

It's kind of fun when you begin,
and now i need to make an end!

Stephanie Abney said...

Thanks, Theresa & Vicki ~ nicely done!!