Thursday, October 2, 2008

Young @ Heart

Well, I'm home sick today and feeling pretty terrible (running a fever and chills, swollen glands, coughing, the whole bit). I toyed with the idea of writing a blog today but I'm just not up but I did want to recommend a WONDERFUL DVD that you all should rent (in fact, I think you should BUY it). It's an independent film that I saw months ago at a premiere and then it never really opened. I've been waiting for it to come out on DVD and it did a couple of weeks ago.

It's called "Young @ Heart" and is a delightful documentary of a senior citizen chorus (average age is around 80) that sings ROCK MUSIC and it is just plain fun. It shows them rehearsing and interviews them, etc. and shows several music videos in the making. I thought I would pee my pants when they were all in their wheelchairs cruising down the hospital corridor singing, "I want to be sedated." This group is TRULY young at heart. It will touch you in ways you never expected. I kept telling my husband about it and he was acting like it couldn't be that great. But when it came out and I bought it and brought it home, he LOVED it. I must warn you, in case it would bother you: one word from one line of lyrics said that word that starts with a "b" for a female dog ~ once ~ otherwise it is clean as a whistle and when they get a standing ovation from a group of prisoners, it brings tears to your eyes.

This sweet little chorus brightens the day for many and this DVD will brighten yours as well. I'm feeling so icky that I'm done ~ headed back to bed.

Take care. Love to all.


sassy red said...

Hope you're feeling better Mom! I tried calling, but you must have been asleep. I need to watch this movie sometime, it sounds like a good one!!

Taylor said...

I needed a clean movie recommendation - I saw this one in the redbox but since I had not heard anything about - I didn't get it. Now I am going to rent it for this weekend - THANKS! I love your recommendations!
P.S. Hope you get well soon!

Leanna said...

I saw a preview for this - it looks hilarious - I can't wait to see it.