Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Knowledge Quest - maps & timelines for history - offers free Christmas cookbook and goes about doing good deeds. Read on . . .

OK, so as a teacher, I really like "Knowledge Quest Maps" ~ bringing history alive with maps and timelines. But you don't have to be a teacher to find cool things there. And right now, they are offering a fun Christmas cookbook for their subscribers. If you are already one, you should have received an email about it BUT if you aren't, it's easy to become one and get your free cookbook. 

PLUS, they are doing some cool things to make life easier for our brothers and sisters in Asia. Here's how (taken from their website):

A Gift for You... A Gift for Them!
Also, this December, we'll be giving gifts to the needy in Asia through the Gospel for Asia Christmas Gift Catalog 

When we reach 32,000 subscribers to the Knowledge Quest newsletter (we have 31,500 now), we'll give a family a pair of goats which will provide "milk, meat and a message of HOPE" to a family in Asia. 
When we reach 34,000 subscribers, we'll give a family a water buffalo! 
When we reach 35,000 subscribers, we'll give a whole barn full of animals - 3 pairs of chickens, a pair of goats, one lamb, one cow and a pair of pigs! 
When we reach 40,000 subscribers, we'll provide a water well for a community! 
And yes, this is doable! We did it last year and gave a rickshaw to a hard-working family man in India! How? Because everyone who subscribes to our newsletter gets the free recipe book above. So that means a gift for us and a gift for them. It's a win-win-win 
Christmas stocking full of joy!
Join us by spreading the word about Knowledge Quest to your friends this Christmas season. Folks can sign up for the newsletter and get their recipe book... And may God bless you for your kindness and generous spirit.

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sassy red said...

That is really sweet! Thanks for spreading the word!:)