Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kids Wall Art ~ TOO FUN!!! A MUST SEE!!

Art can capture a moment, a feeling, a delight or a help you hold onto a memory.
Our daughter-in-law is such a remarkable artist!!

I just wanted to give all of my very savvy friends a head’s up. Matt’s wife, Amy Abney, is a fabulous artist. If you have never seen the lifelike rendition she painted for us of BJ you need to come over and see it if you are in town. You would swear he is looking right into your eyes.
Amy can basically paint anything, but her first love is children’s art and she now has a website up and running. If you are looking for whimsical, visually stimulating artwork for your kids’ rooms, I have the solution!! Even if you aren’t in the market for anything right now you should take a look because you will ENJOY looking and you never know when someone might say they are looking for something like that and then you can come to their rescue and tell them where to go (in a nice way, of course)… send them to the site:

Be sure to click on the different links and scroll down to see samples of what she paints. I’m rather partial to her alien line. Cute, cute, cute. Enjoy!! Love to all!!


Unknown said...

Amy is so talented. This art is great and the website looks good too.

Hel said...

Hi Stephanie.

You most certainly did not miss the competition! It ends next week.

Thanks for coming over to my blog to visit. I love having new people come by. I hope you enjoyed your stay. I have to say, I am already thinking of how I can save my pennies to get an Amy Abney original! What a talented girl she is