Thursday, July 17, 2014

Meet one of my talented and famous friends - Theresa Sneed

OK - so I am part of a "book blog tour" which is kind of a cool thing done these days to promote books right from the comfort of your own computer screen (or whatever device you are reading this on). I did my write up over at: Stephanie's Book Reviews & Author Interviews: "Elias of Elderberry"

It was especially fun because Theresa Sneed is a dear friend of mine. Here's a pic of the two of us when she flew in from Maine just to attend our ANWA (American Night Writers Association) summer retreat in Show Low, AZ. We took a tour of Coppervale Studio, owned by the famous author, illustrator and motivational speaker, James Artimus Owen in Taylor, AZ. It's very cool. It used to be an old church building; in fact, the one James attended as a child.

When Theresa lived here in AZ we used to teach at the same school for a couple of years and we drove over to the school together each day - talking, laughing, talking, laughing... you get the picture. I adore her and admire her talent. I think you should go check it out: Stephanie's Book Reviews & Author Interviews: "Elias of Elderberry"


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