Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Day 8 2015 How to Write an Octopoem "30 poems in 30 days"

Well, since it is Day 8 let’s try a poem that has 8 lines. It’s called an “Octopem.” This is a form I haven’t used in previous poetry challenges so it should be fun. Looks pretty forthright: 

Pick a topic of your choice and describe it in EIGHT lines. Each line can be as long as you choose and does not need to rhyme or anything of that nature. HOWEVER, the only thing you DO need to follow is the order of the descriptions you use for each of the 8 lines about your poem.

An octopoem has 8 lines describing the topic (or pet or person, whatever):

line 1: color
line 2: season
line 3: place
line 4: weather
line 5: clothing
line 6: furniture
line 7: TV show
line 8: food

Here’s one I wrote ~

My Grandson, My Friend

His favorite color is green.
He is a breath of fresh Spring air.
He loves to be wherever I am.
We love to play in the rain.
If it's green, it's clean and ready to wear.
When I can't find him he's usually hiding behind a chair.
If “Wild Kratts” is on, we are good to go.
He likes to eat everything as long as it is a peanut butter sandwich.

     © 2015 Stephanie Abney

Try your hand at it and then, just because I’m SO NICE, I’m going to introduce you to the “Instant Poetry Maker.” This is a website that lists NUMEROUS kinds of poems down the left side of the screen (they are in alphabetical order) and OCTOPOEM is one of them. 

Just click on the poem you want to write and a form pops up where you can literally type in your part of the poem into these little boxes and then click “Create My Poem Now” and it will do so.

Just be warned – it does not have spell check so YOU get to double check your work.

You can have lots of fun with this little sight forever more. (You’re welcome). BUT, please still come back each day to see what we are up to in our “30 poems in 30 days” challenge for #NationalPoetryMonth. Cheers!!

  Instant Poetry Maker ~ Check it out!! HOURS of fun awaits you!


Vicki said...

My Days of Girls Camp

We'd go up in the mountains so green
In the glorious days of summer
And gather together at Girls Camp
Where it would always rain!
We'd go hiking in blister-making boots
Then come back and sit on logs by the fire
And think of a Man From U.N.C.L.E.
While we roasted marshmallows for S'mores!

Stacy said...

He sees his life as an explosion of color but mostly red, black and silver.
His favorite is football season, basketball season, track season and summer.
Wherever he is, that’s a fun place to be.
Weather doesn’t get him down, raining outside? Ball inside.
T-shirts and athletic shorts are easy to buy and wear.
They also make great loungewear while reclining on the couch.
Does it make you laugh? He’ll think it’s a great t.v. show.
Is Mt. Dew a food? If so, then Skylar is set.

cassie said...

Lazy Day

Today I love the color gray
Its the spring time sky outside
The park isn't bright or hot
because of the cloudy wet looking sky
I think I will wear something warm
and snuggle on the couch
Turn on a show the kids will watch
and make easy comfort food.

Stephanie Abney said...

These are all great!! Thanks for joining in!

Deborah said...

Flying in the Modern age.

The sky is as blue
as a summer dream
here above the clouds
which makes me think the weather will be fine when we land
and maybe I packed too many coats
especially the old tapestry one that looks like the couch
in an episode of McMillan and wife I once saw.
Oh, here come the peanuts.

Heidi Murphy said...

I sure love reading things other people write. Here's my little chunk of heaven:

Heidi Murphy said...

I feel like such a rebel. I'm the one who never posts here--who makes you search for it. I hope you do, though. Today I'm feeling a little (make that a LOT) undervalued.
Anybody have a husband who gets disgusted when you clean your bedroom? Yeah. That's me. Come see me and leave some sugar.