Tuesday, April 22, 2014

DAY TWENTY-TWO "Nature Color Poem" for 30 Poems in 30 Days" #NationalPoetryMonth

Let's write a Nature Color Poem ~

OK, here's one you may have not heard of. It's fun and made up of a series of couplets (depending on how long you want it - or even just one couplet if you choose to only do one color).

A nature color poem tells all about the color of something in nature using rhyme. 
I thought it might be fun since today, April 22, 2014 is EARTH DAY!
It is made up of couplets. The first word in each couplet is the color of something in nature. The two ending words in each couple are the words that need to rhyme and both lines should have the same number of syllables or beats.


Here's an example, a really silly, LAME example:

Green blades of grass beckon to me.
Oh, wait, I've got an allergy.

Sorry - I have to run - have an appointment but you get the idea. Plus you can make it longer as long as each couplet has a color for the first word of the first line and they are the same beat and each couplet has an ending rhyme. Cheers!!


Vicki said...

Yellow sunshine in the morning
Now why do I feel like yawning!

Red roses smell so nice
Glad we're done with the ice.

Green grass all over the place
I'm thankful for Heaven's grace

Tanya Parker Mills said...

Gray skies hover overhead.
I think I may just stay in bed.

Green leaves blowing in the breeze,
As if to taunt, as if to tease.

Brown the desert tortoise shell,
It helps him blend in very well.

Heidi L. Murphy said...

Here's one of mine. The other's on my blog back at murph4slaw.

I'm a chameleon; here I sit
On this colored tan peach pit

I turn orange on that fruit
For avocados it's green suit.

Now I move to flower, red
Then to brownish cinnamon bread.

Purple plums and berries blue
Green tomatoes, red ones too.

After that pineapple yellow
I'm a VERY busy fellow

All this changing makes me faint
But somehow people find me quaint.

I wish they wouldn't keep fruit--fake
On the table. Please leave cake.

Diane Jortner said...

Black Cat hisses in my path
I do not want to face its wrath!