Thursday, April 3, 2014

DAY THREE!! "Triplet Poem" for "30 Poems in 30 Days"

OK, Greetings!! We are on Day Three - so it only seems fun to write a poem with THREE LINES, called a "Triplet."

Now, depending on which EXPERT source you check things out at, you are bound to get different definitions for various forms of poetry. Odd, I know. But I'm trying to stick with as accurate definitions as I can for this challenge. Some people use the term "tercet" and "triplet" interchangeably when discussing poetry, but that's not what I have found. A "tercet" is a 3-lined poem (which may or may not rhyme and may or may not share the same meter). 

Therefore, yes, a "triplet" is a "tercet" BUT all "tercets" are not triplets. Go figure.

A "TRIPLET" is a very specific type of tercet and for our purposes we will follow these rules:

How to write a Triplet Poem ~
Triplets are 3 lined poems that rhyme.

Fun times ~ it helps to think of a topic first, any topic (nature is usually the easiest to get an idea about).

Here’s an example (count out the syllables and you’ll see each line has the same number) by Sally Clark, found in “The Highlights of Homeschooling: How to Write 30 Forms of Poetry about Horses”

Through the waving grass we glide,
through the morning mist we ride,
galloping the prairie wide.
     © 2008 by Sally Clark

(Sally is a VERY gifted poet - I LOVE her thought-provoking poetry found in her "Selected Published Poems" ~ Selected Published Poems by Sally Clark - $6.00 - well worth it!! 

Here’s one I wrote three years ago 
(we have NOW been married over 43 years):

We’ve been together forty years,
Through laughter, joys, and all the tears.
Now, only you can calm my fears.
     © 2011 by Stephanie Abney 

And here's one that's way silly - which shows you I've been up in the wee hours working on this post. Sigh.... oh well. BUT, each line has 7 syllables/beats:

Finding words that always rhyme
Really takes a lot of time
Is NOT rhyming such a crime?
  © 2014 by Stephanie Abney 

Now you give it a try ~ Cheers!! And PLEASE feel free to share it in the comments or at least tell us you wrote one and where to find it.

AND PLEASE, if you wish to run your own poetry challenge - that's fabulous but please research your own types of poems to use and find the definitions on your own. I have invested more time than you would ever imagine setting these days up. NO ONE has my permission to just copy off of my blog and post it to theirs. IF you wish to use any of my material - please have the courtesy to contact me for permission, give me attribution after you share it and LINK BACK TO THIS POST. Thanks for respecting my work.

OKAY - GO!!!!


Shawnette Nielson said...

Facebook consumes lots of time.
Skipping work can be sublime.
Even when it is to rhyme.

Jewelianna said...

Godless science always alarms
But evolution has its charms
Every mother would have eight arms

Stephanie Abney said...

Both adorable!! Thanks, Shawnette & Jewelianna!!

Peggy Barker said...

A morning dove came to visit me
Wondered why it was not in a tree
Hopping here and there with broken knee

Diane Jortner said...

Wishing my grand kids lived here in my town,
Wanting to hold them is getting me down.
Writing a letter might reverse my frown.

peachy said...

Writer's block is never fun
Ready ink, fingers so eager to run
Brains aloof, keyboard is still, work not done

Syllables took to long to match so I gave up :) Happy Poetry Day 3

Stacy said...

I wrote two:

Here I am at the DMV.
Standing in line so patiently.
Hope it moves fast, I gotta pee.

Standing outside in the hot blazing sun.
We can just stand while we make the kids run.
Who wouldn't want to be part of such fun?

Tanya Parker Mills said...

On the trail I quiet creep,
O'er the bubbling brook I leap,
Winding through the canyon deep.

Anonymous said...

I watched you fall into the sea
The fear, the pain, my panicked plea
I still hope you'll come back to me

Vicki said...

Seeing fun movies is our way
Of having a really good day
And that is certainly okay!