Saturday, April 5, 2014

DAY FIVE ~ “Cinquain Poem” (PATTERN ONE) for “30 Poems in 30 Days”

This is one of my FAVORITE forms of poetry - sweet, simple and to the point.    
Cinquain Poem ~ there’s more than one style of cinquain poem – so we’ll call this “Pattern One.”
Cinq is French for FIVE ~ this poem has five lines that follow a specific pattern and THAT’S why I chose it for Day Five!!

This is a short five-lined poem doesn’t have an actual title; rather, the FIRST line (one word with 2 syllables) becomes the title.

It does not rhyme and in this version you count the number of SYLLABLES per line and each line has specific subject matter requirements. The first line has 2 syllables; each line increases by 2 syllables until the last line, which returns to 2 syllables:

1st line ~ two syllablesthe subject (or title) or your poem

2nd line ~ four syllables that describe the title/subject

3rd line ~ six syllables that express action

4th line ~ eight syllables that express a thought or feeling

5th line ~ two syllables synonym for title (restates subject using a different word)

EXAMPLES ~ here are 4 cinquain poems I wrote - two today and two a number of years ago. BE SURE THAT YOUR WORDS MATCH THE PURPOSE OF THAT LINE AND THE NUMBER OF SYLLABLES!! HAVE FUN!! ENJOY!!

Feeling joyful
A smile that endures
Whether in good times or bad times
Stephanie Abney ~   © 2014

Fragrant delight
Juice running down my chin
Sticky bites of satisfaction
Stephanie Abney ~   © 2014

A gift from God
Grace our lives for a time
Remain in our hearts forever

Stephanie Abney ~   © 1999
Feeling secure
Where judgment has no place
Wrapped in the safety of your arms

Stephanie Abney ~   © 1998

Your turn ~ give it a whirl - just pick out anything you are thinking of that is a two-syllable word, follow the pattern and see where it takes you. Feel free to post your poem in the comments, on your FB wall, your personal blog AND hopefully, in a poetry journal!! [You can follow me on Twitter by using @AbneyAuthor] Cheers!!



Tanya Parker Mills said...

Apropos for today:

Urging and teaching truth
In ways that elevate our souls

Stephanie Abney said...

Nice, Tanya!! Love it!

Heidi L. Murphy said...

So far poems 4 and 5 are up. I may just go write number 6 so I don't have to do it on Sunday (Conference no less). I wish I knew which one it was going to be. Anywho, my poems are done. Go see at

Jewelianna said...

Inspired planning
Reflecting core values
Chasing purpose passionately

Vicki said...

Squares of fabric
Careful piecing swatches
It is good to be creative