Sunday, August 12, 2012

I've Gone Viral ~

So, for the last two and a half years, I've been writing for the Deseret News, Mormon Times, and ~ and my articles attract varying amounts of traffic, usually from a few hundred hits to a few thousand hits per article. I know this due to a dandy little counter I have access to at my online "workdesk" for these publications. But I wasn't prepared for what has happened during the last few days!!!!

I was privileged to meet and interview Tom and Maggie Scott. I also read the book he wrote and the I wrote an article about them and submitted it to (actually, THEY asked me to write it for them - but that's another story). So, I loved meeting them and hearing Tom speak at a fireside for the Young Single Adult members of our church in my area. I really enjoyed writing (and rewriting) my article. I also included some photos I gathered and then hit went live Thursday morning. I would have expected a few thousand hits as the article would be considered a "hot topic" ~ "Evangelical pastor of 27 years recounts journey to joining LDS church" ~ and the number of people who click on the article link is astonishing to me ~ I plan to come back and update it from time to time, so here is the latest:

56,917 hits ~ SERIOUSLY?

NEARLY 57,000 people have gone to the article and presumably read it!!

I'm so amazed and thrilled!! And then . . . LDS Living Magazine picked it up and added the link to their email newsletter that highlights interesting and timely articles!!!

So, in case YOU missed it ~ here's the link:

Just thought you might like to know. Have a great week!! Cheers!

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